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Still Alive/30 day blog challenge

I believe in my weakened state from the pancake murder attempt the flu bug was able to gang up on me and attack.  Lots of gross-ness and all that followed more gross-ness but today I finally feel almost human again.

I am so glad that fall is here, if not specifically by the date (not sure), the weather makes me feel like it is.  I have always loved this time of year in Leavenworth.  I was born in this town and I really do not like this town (there are two things to do here-park or go to a bar. There is literally a bar, parking lot or liquor store on every block in this town.  However, in the fall it really is a beautiful place.  It’s called ‘The city of trees’ and that’s due to the fact that we, unlike so many other towns, have not just kept our huge, old trees but we plant more all the time.  The main street, Broadway, runs from the very North part of town almost to the South point and it is lined with large, lovely and colorful trees.  IN the summertime the green is so vivid – it really is beautiful, but this time of year when they begin to change you can drive from one end of Broadway to the other and itk’s breathtaking all of the different colors and the trees so large that you feel you are driving in a covered tunnel, you can barely make out the sky above you.  The leaves are getting fire orange, red, bright bright yellow and my favorite are these huge leaves-must be six inches across and they cannot decide what color to be.  Vivid green mixed with firey reds and yellows – like a calico leaf.

Naturally all of this comes at school time once again.  Savannah, 6th grade and Franklin in his 2nd year at the High School in 10th grade and then Tyler is working at home online until he can return to normal public school in November.  He was expelled for a year shortly after school started last year for having a tiny bit of marijuana in his pocket.  Yes I wanted to throttle him (still do) but there was absolutely NO path/provision/plan for this child once they expelled him.  No BS, if you called the board of education after something like this happens, this is what you will get…”I’m so sorry but since he was expelled from this district there is absolutely nothing we can do.  We actually can’t even answer any questions or help because we aren’t allowed to.”

I’m sorry, WHAT?  So, a 14 year old kid can’t go to school (yes, his own fault. yes, he’s a big ol moron and deserves to be punished but…) and you can’t tell me what to do with him for the next year?

Oh, it gets better.  Not only is there no where for him to go, no one that can talk to me but since there is nothing available – we are now going to take you to court and threaten to take him from you because he is…TRUANT!!!   Oh, come on that is just darling.  No, I am not being dramatic.  I am rambling, though.  Sooo, let’s move on.

Autumn…ah yes.  I am working on some mixed media on wood and canvas with the colors inspired by all of those trees lining Broadway street.  I am having a difficult time keeping my art light or happy, the stress of everything keeps creeping into everything I do-and that annoys the shit out of me.  I want…I need to de-stress and just don’t know how.  I’d love to get on a plane and go to a beautiful Colorado Spa for a week or so.  Too bad I am poor, lol.  Not funny.

Now, in an attempt to think of other things I will  get through some of my 30 Day Blog Challenge questions:

Day 12; Bullet Your Whole Day

-I am going to make an executive decision here and skip this one altogether.  Laying on the couch and puking is just not a ‘bullet you day’ type list I want to make.  = (

Day 13;  Somewhere You’d Like To Move Or Visit

Since I was little and heard that my relatives were originally from Ireland I developed a curiosity about the country and people that just gets stronger every year.  The land itself is fantastically beautiful and unfortunately, the government is very stingy and over protective like a rabid first time mother.  Unless you can show that your immediate family was born there you may as well kiss any chance of getting in goodbye.

Same goes for my number two, England.  Someone living there posted on her blog that “unless you have a literal boatload of money you have practically zero chance of getting in and being allowed to stay.”  That’s always lovely to hear since the odds of that happening are quite slim (although I am aiming for the boatload of money to materialize in the future) so my chances of ever living where I would be happy every morning just to wake up and be in that country; are slimmer.

Day 14; Your Earliest Memory

I can, very clearly, remember being at my gramma and grampa Cooley’s house and being sick from one thing or the other, laying on the couch with what must have been 87 blankets and quilts; I can even see the bowl gramma had there for me in case I couldn’t get to the bathroom.  From the other people in the room I deduce that I was no more than 4 at the time.

Whenever I think of the words “comfort” or “cozy” I associate them with that house, gramma and grampa being in the same spots, always and being cared for like no one else ever was.

Gramma is an expert in the art of  loving and feeding little ones (and even the bigger ones) back to health.

Day 15; Write 15 Interesting Facts About Yourself

hmmm, ok I will try for 15…

  1. I am an artist – something that would have shocked the younger me.
  2. I have always wanted to write novels.  Realistic Fiction.
  3. I actually enjoy research.
  4. I screwed up so badly in school, when I had the opportunities that I was not smart enough to see, and I regret that every day.  I actually miss homework and would love to go back to school and do it right.
  5. I am lonely – even in (especially) a room filled with people.
  6. I have a list of anxieties as long as my arm.
  7. I am obsessive about and collect pens and markers.
  8. There are certain types of paper that I absolutely cannot touch or I will get goosebumps and shivers.  My 11 year old daughter has this exact same ‘thing’.
  9. As with the paper thing, my daughter and I also cannot touch certain types of plates and cups, like this ‘dry’ sort of ceramics…I don’t know what it is but we will avoid it like the plague.  Ditto for Styrofoam.
  10. I usually wake up 4 or 5 times during the night.
  11. I absolutely love night time thunderstorms, the louder the better.  The more lightening and thunder, the better I sleep.  Stormy nights are the only nights that I actually sleep through the night.
  12. My dad wasn’t around very long when I was a child but even though he worked two jobs, he was the one who got up with me at night (and like now, I hardly slept at night) and he would calm me by dancing to Elton John and AC/DC.
  13. By the records in my baby book I had been to/in/through 32 states by the time I was 3 years old.
  14. I hate to be photographed but I love to take pictures.
  15. I love movies and my oldest child (meg, 19) and I share the same taste in movies and t.v. shows.  We drive everyone else nuts by having entire conversations made up of nothing but quotes.
Okey dokey, that’s it for now  =)      I think I am going to live so I hope to be back to daily posting.

Smile, Sheldon

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