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In Honor of the Return of….Supernatural

Meg and I met the return of Supernatural with mixed feelings…as I am sure many other fans did.  Our Cas is not Cas any longer.  No, he has some wormy, whale, slithery mid-evil snake thing stuck up in there.  Still not sure what to do with this new Cas as of yet, but it is entertaining…and Sassy!

Good Ol' Cas


Creepy, Sassy, Leviathan Cas


Snake thing Cas


Oh, this is so wrong on so many levels. But so funny. (Jared Padalecki)


Dean and Sam


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Oooh Double Yay- Supernatural Season Premiere!

Ok, even though I have to admit that Meg and I are quite hesitant about the new season – it’s still the start of fresh episodes this Friday.  “Godstiel” is really creepin me out, we just want Cas back or, if SHE (S.G.) insists on killing him it had better be in an awesome, oh my, the way he deserves to go out death.

Here’s some links to get all ready:

Official Supernatural Site

“Meet the New Boss” Preview

Supernatural Comic Con


Sam & Dean - Season 7 Pics



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