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30 Day Blog Challenge/Day 3

“your top 5 pet peeves”

ooooo, I can feel it already, just thinking about my top peeves makes me wanna slap a nun.  (j/k no hate mail thanks)  but seriously, doesn’t it just make you tense up and get a charlie horse in your intestines?  ook, here we go, big daddy:

Number Five:  Someone who loooves to talk but only has ten stories that they tell – and they NEVER remember that they have already told you this story (874 times); to make it even worse, they talk very slow and say “um” and “errr” and “uh” every three freakin words.   I seriously want to grab them by the shoulders, shake so hard that it knocks the next ten flippin stories down into the queue!

Number Four:  “I’ll be there in ten minutes”  Oh yeah…ok. Liar.  (and when they show up 2 hours later they don’t even have the decency to acknowledge that they totally caused you to sit there like a dipshit – in case they showed up right when you left for 5 minutes to run to the gas station.

Number Three:  Veiled threats.  Come out and say it, wuss.

Number Two:  Douche-bag inconsiderate drivers.  Get a bike.  Walk.  You are not human enough to operate dangerous machinery – jackass.


Number ONE:  omg, someone scooting styrofoam across a table – and then when you tell them nicely “look dude, please don’t do that, it gives me the shivers and makes me want to eat my head”  their response?  “what…this?” (haha as they scoot it even harder.  Bastards!!!

(yes i have a few anger issues and am addressing them, lol)

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