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30 Day Blog Challenge-Day 25

Someone who fascinates you and why:

Kelly Rae Roberts, Artist-Author, etc.

Kelly Rae Roberts

Kelly’s Website

For whatever reason, Kelly Rae Robert’s art just sits so perfectly with all of my senses.  It makes me happy to look at, her book makes me happy, feel confident and validates all of my dreams and goals regarding art and becoming an artist.

Her book is one of the first ‘art journaling’ books I bought after finding out that the kind of art I made actually had a name and other people were doing it, too.  Using her book to help with actually art is just one small thing I used it for.  Time and time again I found that other ‘art journaling’ books were just that-just about “hey look at all of my art, look at all of the things I do!”  They were practically void of any helpful techniques, ‘how-to’ and were instead filled with photos of finished pieces.  Kelly took a whole different approach and showed each step of how she makes her artwork.  Close up shots of each and every little thing she does and what she uses…don’t get it twisted though-she takes a hard stand against copying her style for profit-her book is to guide you into creating your own personal style.

I use her book almost daily and one of my favorite things is after each section there are questions to help guide you to where you want & need to be and I still use those, also.  After a few months of creating my answers will change a little and it’s very helpful to see how far I’ve come and what changes/stays the same.

For all of those reasons, that’s why she is so fascinating to me, that she has made herself a success and shares with others-her giving nature, I guess is what I am drawn to.

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“Summer Girrl” & Detailed Use for Shiva Paintstiks

I am continuing to work daily to get as many pieces ready for my Etsy grand opening, which I am very excited about!

I’m only showing some parts here and there  (teasers)  from all of the new pieces/prints that will be available.

This will be my very first Etsy shop, very first time showing my art in a formal way so be kind 🙂

Frank and Megan aren’t letting me get out of it this time, I have come up with enough excuses  before (nervous) and ‘not been ready’.

No more excuses.

Here’s a sneak peek of one that I am really enjoying working on:

Part 1 of 4 Pieces “Seasons Series/Summer Girrl”

face close up for Summer Girrl

Summer Girrl face detail

What I did:

Gesso’d over a 7×14 Canvas, let dry. Sketched out ‘summer girrl’ and painted around her with yellow and green acrylic paint using the side of a credit card to create grass and flower stalks.

Let that dry and then I added dollops of ‘GOLDEN Gessos & Grounds’ for the texture and detail of the flower tops, creases in her dress and dress detail.  This step takes overnight-as does the next step so while those were drying I went to the next:

FACE DETAIL:  Using my all time favorite medium, Ever, gently create the skin tone/make up effect you wish for.

After lightly sketching in the basics of the face, I usually use a new or clean soft blush brush to eliminate all pencil dust/smears.

NOTE:  Naturally, we all find the way that works best for us when using another artist’s technique but where I originally learned this – and in my opinion every artist should read it – is ‘TAKING FLIGHT” by Kelly Rae Roberts.

Well worth every penny. My beloved copy smells like acrylic paint, glue, coffee and is stained everywhere-and it’s my go to book for every part of being an artist.  Get one!  Kelly Rae Roberts art, books, shop, etc.

Sorry, got side-tracked!  You will get used to that if you stick with me a minute.  When I crush on something I will just fly off in no particular direction, blah-blah-blahing until something knocks me back in line.

So, on pages 104-107 of TAKING FLIGHT, Kelly takes you through, step by step with pictures (yay!) how to use  SHIVA ARTIST’S OIL PAINT STIKS

to make creamy, dreamy and realistic face/skin tones.

(Missy’s Way) —>  lay down a thick layer of Titanium White inside the face, neck, chest, arms and legs (all skin areas).  Use a very clean finger (trust me, wash your hands- they only LOOK clean!) and smooth out the layer of white.  Hubby Frank likes to make fun of me during this part – you must get eye level with your painting here…(eye level, eye level from the right, left…look from above, at all angles, lol) because this creamy medium will keep fingerprints with the slightest touch.  So, all nice and smooth?

Then I dot all around the outside of the face with (tiny dots) YELLOW OCHRE, BURNT UMBER, CHOCOLATE.

Very slowly with my pinky, I rub this all in the OUTER portion of her face, avoiding the eye area and just below, the bridge of nose, mouth and right under lower lip.  Then dot a bit of ALIZARINE CRIMSON where the apples of girrly’s cheeks will be.  Rub that in as you want her blushing to be shaped.

What you’re going for here is a very smooth, dewey looking skin tone with highlights (light reflection) – and the cool part is that doing it like this, instead of the other way, it appears as though we have laid down a thick layer of skin tone and added a heavy layer of white everywhere to get that natural highlight look.  This way it is actually what we didn’t do that makes the difference.

Of course, as you are doing the face all you really need to do is smooth down the neck/chest while you work in the skin tone dots.  For any exposed arms/ legs I just dot some yellow ochre and burnt umber closer to the ‘shadow side’, leaving a sliver of titanium white for reflective light.

The only drawback to Shiva Paintstiks is that since they are oil, it does take at least 24 hours to dry.  This used to just wind me up, I swear, patience is NOT my strength lol.  After seeing the finished product a few times (esp. comparing them to my older work with mixed acrylics or watercolors, yikes!) I have learned that it’s well worth the wait.

Geesh- I guess I have a case of the jabber fingers, so this should be enough to get you headed in the right direction  🙂

Any questions/comments please comment on this post, or email me at

Dream it –>Create it


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