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So, Three friends are in a car…out pops two felonies and a snitch!

There’s really no way to sugar coat it so…by a show of hands, who else has been arrested for a felony drug warrant, on their birthday?  Aw, come on…no one??  Yeah, well I can’t say I am all that surprised.  I am usually in a class all my own – why stop with this?  Fun Fact: felony drug warrants have NO BOND which means you can’t bail out of jail until you see the Judge and he decides if you can get bond or you stay in jail until you have your trial/plea it out and it’s all over…so yeah, I knew I wouldn’t be spending my birthday at home – no chance in Hell.

The law is a funny beast, not funny ‘ha-ha’ either, but funny ‘oh you’re fucking kidding me’.  Funny, if you have a fucker friend in the car with you and they sell a second fucker friend of yours a few opiates…you…the driver, the ‘hey can you gimmie a ride?’ person, YOU are charged with the EXACT same felony distribution of an opiate as THEY are.

How, pray tell, did they (the fucking police) get wind of this?  So glad you asked…the second fucker ‘friend’ that bought them….he wore a nice fat WIRE on us.  Yes, he slid out of a charge of his own by wearing a wire…his name, you ask?  JOSH CADDELL from Leavenworth, Kansas…yes indeedy.

What kind of time can one get for such a charge?  Why, at the bad end of the slide, 33 months in prison.  Yes sir.  Four pills.  Prison.

This is my kind of hell, what I have been dealing with.  Art is the only thing keeping me half sane.  I would love some communication on this/about this/about anything BUT this, any and all of the above.  Just some human contact.

Much more on this, I just feel open and exposed now, which is ok.  It’s good, I need this.

Goodnight for now,


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