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30 Day Blog Challenge- Day 23

Post 5 famous people you find attractive

Jensen Ackles from Supernatural

Gerard Butler

Brad Pitt (only in the Fight Club and Ocean's Movies, though)

Hugh Laurie

TJ Thyne from Bones (something about him!)

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30 Day Blog Challenge-Day 21

One of your favorite t.v. shows:

I have three that I adore and cannot possibly choose just one.


Sam and Dean-Supernatural

ha! (from gag reel)

The Big Bang Theory.

Sheldon-smiling. big bang theory






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Bones Season 7 Promo!!!! Yay


omg! It Looks AMAZING!!!  look how cozy they are together!  I am so happy!

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Come Visit Me on Tumblr

Missy’s Tumblelog
Other than all things Art, I am also fairly obsessed with a few groovy diversions. We all need a good diversion or two, right?

Supernatural, anyone? Dean (O yeah.) Castiel, Sammy, and Bobby – Oh, my. Gotta love all the fellas and their Supernatural adventures.
Bones…you have to love Bones! Agent Booth? He is enough reason to watch by himself! If he isn’t though, how about that season finale?
“Booth, I’m pregnant. You’re the father.” (Brennen)
Big Fat Smiles all around from adorable Seeley Booth! Awww.

House. oh my goodness. Enough said.

The Big Bang Theory…hilarity squared.
How I Met Your Mother. Neil Patrick Harris-nuff said.
The Mentalist. Patrick Jane, what an adorable MESS. Can I put him in my pocket?

and, have you seen the wonderful, funny, FUN…Doomed show, “Breaking In”?
you should, and sign any petition to UN cancel the damn thing! Christian Slater FINALLY gets a show that uses his talents, is smart, fast, funny and snags a huge cult following…fans out the ying yang – and we hear it’s dead?!
I know someone is going to snap over this comment but, seriously people…The Office?!!? The pilot was SO bad. The show is SO bad. WHY is it so popular? AWARDS? Are you kidding?? Where is the humor?
Am I missing….everything ? Megan and I decided to see what all the big whup was about, went to the pilot…omg the most painful 21 minutes of television ever. We wasted 2 hours of our lives skimming several from each season and found NOT ONE FUNNY MOMENT, we were SAD. We were actually embarrassed for the actors-until we were reminded of their salaries – for their ‘work’…
no smart-ass-ed-ness here at all, I would LOVE for SOMEONE to explain to me what they actually see in the show. And give me just THREE examples (in ALL those episodes) of an actual laugh out loud moment.
I do not believe it can be done.

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