FB Art Journal

For those of you who don’t know, I started a Facebook page for Art Journaling Prompts and growing some community and supporting the same.  I am SO proud of everyone so far and so hopeful for it’s success!

This page is dedicated to the amazing work that I am lucky enough to get on that page and the artists who are letting themselves create and be proud!

Visit Missy’s Facebook Art Journaling Page!

Irvienne Goldson, Artist

Irvienne Goldson, Artist

Submission from Facebook Art Journal Artists! Fantastic!! ARTIST:Nadia Marie Perez Liscano

Stella Phillips Cowley, Artist. (fbaja)

Stella Phillips Cowley, facebook art journal artists

I totally promise that I will master this insanity and obtain human sized photos and it will not look like a checkerboard from now on!

to be honest, right now I just want the artwork up and my brain hurts so, until I have the mind power to fight with this and pretty it up…here are the submissions so far, did i mention that I am totally proud of these pieces?!


2 thoughts on “FB Art Journal

  1. They look fantastic!! Thanks for including me! Love it!!! 😀

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