Blog Challenge-Day 22

How have you changed the past 2 years?

I had what I thought was a close friend turn on me in such a way that it shook my entire life. It was such a total betrayal in every sense of the word that even now, 9 months after I found out about it, I still get so hurt, angry and in a state of disbelief that I cry-and I never cry. You know those embarrassing tears, like when you are in a fight with someone and you are SO MAD that you cry? Those kind of tears.
So, where my husband and I have always differed; he firmly believing that 99% of everyone you know has the potential to hurt you-would turn on you if it benefits them and I always believed that deep down (most) everyone is good and would go out of their way to not cause you pain, we now are about on the same level. He trusts no one completely and says that being this way keeps you safe from being hurt and disappointed and after my experience I am inclined to agree with that.
I used to freely offer my trust and go (way way) out of my way to help friends, friends of friends, etc. but now I shelter myself and call no one a true friend. I have always told Frank that I felt bad for him, sad for him that he was constantly waiting for friends to take advantage and never letting anyone in far enough to relax; now I just see him as smart and prepared.
And yes, I feel bad for myself and wish I could go back to when I trusted people until they gave me reason not to-but after what happened to me I feel that the consequences can just be to great to risk that.

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Bones Season 7 Promo!!!! Yay


omg! It Looks AMAZING!!!  look how cozy they are together!  I am so happy!

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new email

just a quick note that i have a new email address in case anyone needed it.

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this really captivated me, loved it! english always was my fave. subject – this is really awesome to listen to and watch.

The Daily Post

My post of last week on the proper use of “me,” “myself,” and “I” was my most popular to date if the comments are any indication. If you stuck around for the comments, you will have seen a little bit of debate on how much it really matters to use the language as the grammar fuddy duddies (of which I am one to some degree or another) would have us use it. Commenter nrhatch provided a link to a fun YouTube video narrated by comedian Stephen Fry that I’ll relink below:

There are no doubt many schools of thought on how important it really is to get the language “right.” I’ll consider two.

The pragmatist will say that as long as the writing in question conveys the desired message, the finer points of grammar don’t matter a whole lot. That is, if I write “Johnny and me are going to…

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gotta love this.

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This is awesome!!!

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Yay! These are the people in my neighborhood…literally. Ick.

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yikes! seriously though, what the heck??

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I do this far too often.

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