30 Day Blog Challenge-Day 29


Kelly Rae Roberts

1.  KELLY RAE ROBERTS; artist, author.  Fantastically gifted artist and inspiring author.  You can see from her writing that she is also incredibly giving.  I would love to have a conversation with her about art and what’s possible!

Jane Davenport

2.  Jane Davenport; Author, Artist.   For one thing, it would be a dream come true to have several artists that I admire at the same table!  Jane has a great style, her paintings are beautiful-fantastic! and she teaches! (like Kelly Rae Roberts, she doesn’t ‘sit on her secrets’) but she step by step shows you how to do what she does, in your own style.  She seems like a lovely person and one that would be awesome to listen to!

Alice Sebold. Author.

3. Alice Sebold, Author.  Alice Sebold is a fantastic author and it would be amazing to listen to her and ask her questions.  She is feisty, sarcastic, at times: angry and just intriguing.

absolutely heartbreaking and awesome

Fantastic book.

Augusten Burroughs

4.  Augusten Burroughs; Author.  His story is crazy and hilarious, sad and unbelievable!  His writing is the same.  To have Alice Sebold and Augusten at my dinner table, it may be too much!

Augusten Burroughs

Augusten Burroughs

Augusten Burroughs

5. Virginia Woolf, Author.

Virginia Woolf

It’s Virginia Woolf…nuff said!

6.  Jim Parsons/ Dr. Sheldon Cooper:  (The Big Bang Theory)  To provide some more humor and he’s just a fascinating person to boot!

Jim Parsons

"Dr. Sheldon Cooper"

7.  My husband, Frank-so that I could make his dream come true by letting him have dinner with the next guest on the list.

My Honey. Frank (at work on the roof)

8.  Bruce Lee:  He was super intelligent, spiritual, talented and so far ahead of his time…and it would be awesome for me to see Frank get to meet and speak to him.

Bruce Lee

9.  My Daughter, Megan: She is my best friend & we laugh like nobody’s business; and so I could make a dream come true for her by inviting the next guest on the list.


10.  Mischa Collins (Castiel from Supernatural): Above all he is intelligent, funny, mysterious, odd, unique and my daughter absolutely loves him.  It would be so great for me to see her face meeting him and to know I arranged it would be a great gift.

Mischa Collins (Supernatural gag reel)


The Menu

First...Baked Potato Soup. Yummm


Main course: A medium rare T-Bone grill seared steak and...

Baked Mac and Cheese.


For dessert ...Key Lime Pie.


Great!  Now I am hungry for a big fat dinner at 9 a.m.

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30 Day Blog Challenge-Day 25

Someone who fascinates you and why:

Kelly Rae Roberts, Artist-Author, etc.

Kelly Rae Roberts

Kelly’s Website

For whatever reason, Kelly Rae Robert’s art just sits so perfectly with all of my senses.  It makes me happy to look at, her book makes me happy, feel confident and validates all of my dreams and goals regarding art and becoming an artist.

Her book is one of the first ‘art journaling’ books I bought after finding out that the kind of art I made actually had a name and other people were doing it, too.  Using her book to help with actually art is just one small thing I used it for.  Time and time again I found that other ‘art journaling’ books were just that-just about “hey look at all of my art, look at all of the things I do!”  They were practically void of any helpful techniques, ‘how-to’ and were instead filled with photos of finished pieces.  Kelly took a whole different approach and showed each step of how she makes her artwork.  Close up shots of each and every little thing she does and what she uses…don’t get it twisted though-she takes a hard stand against copying her style for profit-her book is to guide you into creating your own personal style.

I use her book almost daily and one of my favorite things is after each section there are questions to help guide you to where you want & need to be and I still use those, also.  After a few months of creating my answers will change a little and it’s very helpful to see how far I’ve come and what changes/stays the same.

For all of those reasons, that’s why she is so fascinating to me, that she has made herself a success and shares with others-her giving nature, I guess is what I am drawn to.

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48 Hours Mystery on The (now free) West Memphis Three

West Memphis Three 48 Hours Mystery Special



Big to-do over 48 Hours Mystery special that aired Saturday night.  I missed it since I was dying from the IHOP attempt on my life thru pancake.  Anyhow, I’m going to sit and check it out now…anyone wishing to do the same, here ya go!


The Accused

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The ‘West Memphis Three’ is Free

Alright, let me get a few people angry, why not?

First, I will be honest and say that in 1993 when I was a young mother of a one year old, I thought they were guilty.  I was angry, disgusted, sad and horrified at the thought that someone could do that to those beautiful little boys.  Worse, I thought, if someone could do that to them in that little safe southern town, then surely the boogeyman could take my daughter and hurt her, too.

The Victims

That’s why they screen jury pools before hand.  So that nutty, slobbering and scared people like me are not allowed to make up their minds before the evidence is presented.  Unfortunately for the so called ‘West Memphis Three’ that is exactly what did happen at their trials.  Once I calmed down and began to watch the events that followed I started to think maybe someone down in Memphis was screwing up – or maybe the officials in charge of all the fairness had decided to chuck that part of their jobs and just adopt a ‘go with the mob’ mentality.

Anyone, and I mean anyone that reads the ‘evidence’ in this case starts to get that sideways, confused look.  Like your dog gets when you look at him and make puppy whimpering sounds while you smile at him…you know ‘let’s drive Fido crazy making him think a baby pup is crying somewhere’ ha. ha. ha.  Very funny.  You scratch your head and talk to yourself, ‘what the…?’ is said more than once.

There is no evidence.  I don’t mean it’s thin, I mean there is none.  What is there, I will never be told otherwise – was manufactured or was presented by the prosecutor’s Uncle Billy/the state’s knife expert who wouldn’t know a knife pattern from a jack rabbit’s ass.

–crawling down from my soapbox–

So over the years I have tried to keep track of the many appeals and such that goes on when someone is on death row, as Damien Echols was.  Supposed to be the ‘leader’ of this 3 boy (yes they were boys) satanic murdering ring, I found that he had grown up to be super intelligent, sensitive and I was glad that he had found (real) love and gotten married.  It pissed me off though that he would probably never get to be a real husband to her because Tennessee was too proud to just stop all of the bullshit and admit that they had imprisoned 3 innocent men – and may kill one before it was all said and done.


The Accused

Natalie Maines (Dixie Chicks) and Johnny Depp (Johnny freggin Depp) took an interest in the case and publicly demanded that Tennessee do just that- ball up and do this right.  I was STUNNED when they didn’t give them another trial, instead they resurrected some nearly non-existent law that allowed them to just let them walk out of prision-but at the same time be able to go on t.v. and proclaim that ‘they still think they are the killers, and we KNOW we’d win at another trial…but we’re just going to open the doors and let them go. Right now. Thanks, bye!”

WHAT??  Are they high, down there in the state offices in Memphis?  Is the office over-run with teenagers just making up rules as they go along??  Who did they think was going to hear this mess and go, “Oh, ok.  That makes perfect sense and I believe you, that you would let 3 SATANIC MURDERERS OF LITTLE BOYS out instead of just giving them that new trial they are asking for.”   That is just insane.  Those people, the prosecutors, judges, all of them took a look inside of those old boxes and prepared to re-try them just to shut the very public… public up.  And when they saw what the previous administration had left them with…I imagine they started googling ‘how to get our asses out of this mess’ and this little statute, used one time because it was created to be used for that one time special circumstance was the lesser of the evils that they had to choose from.


The Movement

As I watched the press conference with the three men I felt so ashamed of my country for allowing this to go on this long.  All of them were visibly uncomfortable – the press were just shouting over one another and blasting flashbulbs in their faces.  It hit me that Damien had been in solitary confinement for nearly 18 years and this barrage of activity must be just terrifying for him.  I’m sure this post will never be read by any of them-but on the off chance let me just say that as for me, I am sorry, deeply sorry that I ever thought  they were guilty and that if it matters at all I was praying for a miracle.  In my opinion, that’s exactly what happened!

Here are some links if anyone is interested in reading or re-reading/viewing what’s out there on this really amazing case.

Press Conference Part One   the conference after they had been released

free the west memphis three website  a LOT can be found and done from this site, links to the movies-every single article that ever came out ANYwhere can be linked to from here.  Damien’s wife must have gotten ZERO sleep because she did the most through job of research that was humanly possible.

the three FREE!

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Photographer behind 9/11 “Falling Man” retraces steps, recalls “unknown soldier” – Yahoo! News

This photo took my breath away the first time I saw it.  I remember hearing about the plane hitting the tower while I was on my way to work at a law office and immediately we all got online to check for information.  My boss was a very cool lawyer so basically that whole day was spent watching the news and the hysteria that was growing.

When we were watching the live news, hearing the reactions of the bystanders as they realized people were actually jumping from the towers, all we could do was look at each other -you know, the open-mouthed “what?” that we all get when something is happening that our brain just cannot process.

All I can really remember thinking is how I prayed that no one’s family could actually recognize a falling person as their husband, wife, child.

here is an excerpt from the article from this morning about the man who actually captured the photos:

 The 110-story buildings looked like a pair of giant smokestacks spewing plumes of black soot into the crystal blue sky. He began shooting, focusing on the topmost floors. It wasn’t long before he realized that some of the people trapped inside — as many as 200 of them, it was later estimated — had decided that plunging thousands of feet to their deaths was preferable to burning alive.

“There’s one. There’s another one,” he said, recalling the horrific scene with a detached ease. “I just started photographing people as they were falling.”

One of those people would come to be known as the Falling Man. Though his identity remains unconfirmed, some believe he was Jonathan Briley, a 43-year-old sound engineer who worked in a restaurant on the top floor of the North Tower. The man fell at 9:41, and Drew caught about a dozen frames of his fatal descent. In one of them, the subject soars earthward in a graceful vertical dive — arms at his sides; left leg bent at the knee.

Photographer behind 9/11 “Falling Man” retraces steps, recalls “unknown soldier” – Yahoo! News.

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