30 day blog challenge

30 Day Blog Challenge-Day 29


Kelly Rae Roberts

1.  KELLY RAE ROBERTS; artist, author.  Fantastically gifted artist and inspiring author.  You can see from her writing that she is also incredibly giving.  I would love to have a conversation with her about art and what’s possible!

Jane Davenport

2.  Jane Davenport; Author, Artist.   For one thing, it would be a dream come true to have several artists that I admire at the same table!  Jane has a great style, her paintings are beautiful-fantastic! and she teaches! (like Kelly Rae Roberts, she doesn’t ‘sit on her secrets’) but she step by step shows you how to do what she does, in your own style.  She seems like a lovely person and one that would be awesome to listen to!

Alice Sebold. Author.

3. Alice Sebold, Author.  Alice Sebold is a fantastic author and it would be amazing to listen to her and ask her questions.  She is feisty, sarcastic, at times: angry and just intriguing.

absolutely heartbreaking and awesome

Fantastic book.

Augusten Burroughs

4.  Augusten Burroughs; Author.  His story is crazy and hilarious, sad and unbelievable!  His writing is the same.  To have Alice Sebold and Augusten at my dinner table, it may be too much!

Augusten Burroughs

Augusten Burroughs

Augusten Burroughs

5. Virginia Woolf, Author.

Virginia Woolf

It’s Virginia Woolf…nuff said!

6.  Jim Parsons/ Dr. Sheldon Cooper:  (The Big Bang Theory)  To provide some more humor and he’s just a fascinating person to boot!

Jim Parsons

"Dr. Sheldon Cooper"

7.  My husband, Frank-so that I could make his dream come true by letting him have dinner with the next guest on the list.

My Honey. Frank (at work on the roof)

8.  Bruce Lee:  He was super intelligent, spiritual, talented and so far ahead of his time…and it would be awesome for me to see Frank get to meet and speak to him.

Bruce Lee

9.  My Daughter, Megan: She is my best friend & we laugh like nobody’s business; and so I could make a dream come true for her by inviting the next guest on the list.


10.  Mischa Collins (Castiel from Supernatural): Above all he is intelligent, funny, mysterious, odd, unique and my daughter absolutely loves him.  It would be so great for me to see her face meeting him and to know I arranged it would be a great gift.

Mischa Collins (Supernatural gag reel)


The Menu

First...Baked Potato Soup. Yummm


Main course: A medium rare T-Bone grill seared steak and...

Baked Mac and Cheese.


For dessert ...Key Lime Pie.


Great!  Now I am hungry for a big fat dinner at 9 a.m.

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ahhh, all caught up

Alrighty, I am all caught up on the blog challenge.  I feel like such a loser, I skipped so many days-but holy crud…I remember how sick I was and there is NO way I could even sit up to log on.

I think I will search around for something similar and give it another go.  I really feel like starting a challenge and proving to myself that I can do it, the right way  =)

So, if anyone has any 30 day challenges or Q & A type things that could be modified into a challenge, please let me know!

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!


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30 Day Blog Challenge-Day 28

Something That You Miss

“Extra Money”

the all powerful dollar

While I believe the saying, “money doesn’t buy happiness”, it sure does help cut down on the UN-happiness!  When we didn’t have so many expenses (diabetes meds, extra family members (and I am NOT laying any blame-just stating where the extra money can go), having three teens at the same time (1 preteen & 2 teens) and two of those being BOYS…people say girls and their ‘girly needs’ are costly?! HA!  Boys: they buy REPTILES that cost insane amounts of cash, fishtanks (omg, the upkeep ion them!), they ruin jeans, shoes, bikes…they get stitches on every possible body part, just cleaning up after the dirt, mud, weird crud you can find in the washing machine after their laundry! Good Lord!

Sorry…anyway, we used to go shopping in Kansas City, like every weekend, we’d go to Worlds of Fun and get a hotel room for the night, eat out a few times a week…now, notsomuch.

I miss that.

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30 Day Blog Challenge-Day 27

A Problem That You Have/Have Had in the Past


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30 Day Blog Challenge- Day 26

If you had 1,000,000 to spend, how would you spend it?

1. Buy an old Victorian and remodel it.

2.  Build a cottage on my property and FILL IT with every art supply I have ever wanted and make it my art studio.

3.  Take my kids/grandkids on a vacation and then a ‘buy whatever you want’ shopping trip.

4.  Buy Frank whatever he wanted for all of the years he’s worked so hard to support all of us.

5.  Buy my Grandma Cooley a little house, somewhere near a pond and a beautiful view.  Put enough money in her bank account so that she never has to work again.

6.  Go on a selfish shopping trip and get the most expensive Mac computer they make, a Kia Sorento (odd choice, huh? I LOVE them!), hit every flea market in a 3 state area and furnish my house.

7. Open up my own bookstore/coffee house and give my daughter, Megan half of the business & we would run it together.  Take Megan on a trip to England to celebrate.

8. Send Savannah to dance class, acting class and take her to Italy (her dream trip).

9. Get Tyler and Franklin each a vehicle they want, take Tyler on a trip to New York.  Send Frank and Franklin on a hunting trip to Canada.

10. Take Frank on a honeymoon we never had to the Bahamas.

11. Build Ayden (grandson) an addition to the house I’d get for Meg & kids-his very own game room; fill it with a huge flat screen hooked up to all of the latest consoles, buy all of the games he would want, go to a specialty costume shop and get him all of the super hero costumes that he loves, Theme the whole room in Spiderman.

12. Decorate Raya’s room with all of the things that she loves (she’s almost 2) and make her room sound proof and get Meg a video monitoring system to watch her-Raya hates noise and she loves her naps!  I would have a closet special made for her height, filled with every kind of shoe possible…the child ADORES shoes!

13.  Several family members; including but not limited to: my little sister and her family (my niece) and my Dad I would send on a vacation to somewhere of their choice and give them a financial gift.

I’m sure there’s more, but that’s a start!

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30 Day Blog Challenge-Day 25

Someone who fascinates you and why:

Kelly Rae Roberts, Artist-Author, etc.

Kelly Rae Roberts

Kelly’s Website

For whatever reason, Kelly Rae Robert’s art just sits so perfectly with all of my senses.  It makes me happy to look at, her book makes me happy, feel confident and validates all of my dreams and goals regarding art and becoming an artist.

Her book is one of the first ‘art journaling’ books I bought after finding out that the kind of art I made actually had a name and other people were doing it, too.  Using her book to help with actually art is just one small thing I used it for.  Time and time again I found that other ‘art journaling’ books were just that-just about “hey look at all of my art, look at all of the things I do!”  They were practically void of any helpful techniques, ‘how-to’ and were instead filled with photos of finished pieces.  Kelly took a whole different approach and showed each step of how she makes her artwork.  Close up shots of each and every little thing she does and what she uses…don’t get it twisted though-she takes a hard stand against copying her style for profit-her book is to guide you into creating your own personal style.

I use her book almost daily and one of my favorite things is after each section there are questions to help guide you to where you want & need to be and I still use those, also.  After a few months of creating my answers will change a little and it’s very helpful to see how far I’ve come and what changes/stays the same.

For all of those reasons, that’s why she is so fascinating to me, that she has made herself a success and shares with others-her giving nature, I guess is what I am drawn to.

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30 Day Blog Challenge-Day 24

What is your favorite movie & what is it about?

It’s a toss up.  I actually could name about 15 that I really enjoy watching and could be called ‘favorite’ but these two have always been closer to the top of my list because I love movies that are SMART and have a twist, and generally I only really love a movie if it first came from a very, very good book.



Chuck Palahniuk is an awesome author.  Smart, smart, smart & sarcastic, mean and wicked.  Super.

Chuck Palahniuk

#2 Atonement


This movie is so haunting…and of course, super smart.

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30 Day Blog Challenge- Day 23

Post 5 famous people you find attractive

Jensen Ackles from Supernatural

Gerard Butler

Brad Pitt (only in the Fight Club and Ocean's Movies, though)

Hugh Laurie

TJ Thyne from Bones (something about him!)

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30 Day Blog Challenge-Day 21

One of your favorite t.v. shows:

I have three that I adore and cannot possibly choose just one.


Sam and Dean-Supernatural

ha! (from gag reel)

The Big Bang Theory.

Sheldon-smiling. big bang theory






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30 Day Blog Challenge- Day 20

How important do you think education is?

Well, read the previous post and that will give you a hint, lol.  For me, I think it’s VERY important.  I think for most everyone, it is very important.  There are exceptions, of course; like those people who can sing or act so well that they will never need to do anything else.  Even for my husband – yes I think education would still help him and maybe get him some places he can’t right now but…having said that, he still makes more money now than I could even with a good education.  He makes more than a lot of highly educated people because he is a foreman roofer and can work long, very physical jobs.  In the crazy heat and freezing snow and ice.

But for the most part, I think that education is a must have.  And not just high school anymore, that just won’t get you very far.

Bazinga! (highly educated)

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