Personal Photos

For anyone who’d like to know who I mention in my posts and a bit more about them this page is for personal photos; that’s both personal & photos that I take that have meaning to me, if not necessarily family.

Franklin and big fish, Missouri River



The above photo and the next several are of my 15 year old son, Franklin (the 3rd).  Obviously, his passion is fishing.  Every minute that he is not at school or working a side job on a roof with Dad-he is on the Kansas side of the Missouri River.  He catches some really amazing fish.

Franklin, Missouri River


Franklin (on Frank's bike)

"little" brother Franklin givin some lovin to big sis, Meg

Meg and Franklin have been best friends since his birth.  Still today they are just…the same, they mesh.  It’s really cool to watch them communicate-half the time without speaking.

My Ty (Tyler 14) at Fall River, Kansas

This is my mini-me.  Where Frank and Franklin are basically the same person, so are Tyler and I.  Biking, Skateboarding, Music and brooding temper…that’s my Ty.

Tyler & Franklin attacking me in the bathroom

Men & Ty, being asses at Hobby Lobby



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