This is one of the harder things to do: an “About Page”.  Why?  Most people have this nice little story that involves, oh, a mother and a father who are a positive force in their lives, could always be counted on, etc.  It’s almost embarrassing to have to say, ‘oh no, for all intents and purposes I have no mother.’  and the answer to why is just hellish. My dad? Complicated.

So, I have my family.  Frank and I have been together for 18 years, married 14 yrs this December.  We have 4 kids and 2 grandkids (all of them are still home right now).

Meg (Megan) – 19 years old ( Ayden, 3 and Raya, 2) our grandkids.

Franklin III – 15 years old

Tyler – 14 years old

Savannah – 11 years old

Struggling a bit? Yes.  So, art is my therapy.  I’m working on opening up a bit more, let you know how that one goes  = )

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