30 Day Blog Challenge-Day 28

Something That You Miss

“Extra Money”

the all powerful dollar

While I believe the saying, “money doesn’t buy happiness”, it sure does help cut down on the UN-happiness!  When we didn’t have so many expenses (diabetes meds, extra family members (and I am NOT laying any blame-just stating where the extra money can go), having three teens at the same time (1 preteen & 2 teens) and two of those being BOYS…people say girls and their ‘girly needs’ are costly?! HA!  Boys: they buy REPTILES that cost insane amounts of cash, fishtanks (omg, the upkeep ion them!), they ruin jeans, shoes, bikes…they get stitches on every possible body part, just cleaning up after the dirt, mud, weird crud you can find in the washing machine after their laundry! Good Lord!

Sorry…anyway, we used to go shopping in Kansas City, like every weekend, we’d go to Worlds of Fun and get a hotel room for the night, eat out a few times a week…now, notsomuch.

I miss that.

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