30 Day Blog Challenge- Day 26

If you had 1,000,000 to spend, how would you spend it?

1. Buy an old Victorian and remodel it.

2.  Build a cottage on my property and FILL IT with every art supply I have ever wanted and make it my art studio.

3.  Take my kids/grandkids on a vacation and then a ‘buy whatever you want’ shopping trip.

4.  Buy Frank whatever he wanted for all of the years he’s worked so hard to support all of us.

5.  Buy my Grandma Cooley a little house, somewhere near a pond and a beautiful view.  Put enough money in her bank account so that she never has to work again.

6.  Go on a selfish shopping trip and get the most expensive Mac computer they make, a Kia Sorento (odd choice, huh? I LOVE them!), hit every flea market in a 3 state area and furnish my house.

7. Open up my own bookstore/coffee house and give my daughter, Megan half of the business & we would run it together.  Take Megan on a trip to England to celebrate.

8. Send Savannah to dance class, acting class and take her to Italy (her dream trip).

9. Get Tyler and Franklin each a vehicle they want, take Tyler on a trip to New York.  Send Frank and Franklin on a hunting trip to Canada.

10. Take Frank on a honeymoon we never had to the Bahamas.

11. Build Ayden (grandson) an addition to the house I’d get for Meg & kids-his very own game room; fill it with a huge flat screen hooked up to all of the latest consoles, buy all of the games he would want, go to a specialty costume shop and get him all of the super hero costumes that he loves, Theme the whole room in Spiderman.

12. Decorate Raya’s room with all of the things that she loves (she’s almost 2) and make her room sound proof and get Meg a video monitoring system to watch her-Raya hates noise and she loves her naps!  I would have a closet special made for her height, filled with every kind of shoe possible…the child ADORES shoes!

13.  Several family members; including but not limited to: my little sister and her family (my niece) and my Dad I would send on a vacation to somewhere of their choice and give them a financial gift.

I’m sure there’s more, but that’s a start!

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