30 Day Blog Challenge- Day 20

How important do you think education is?

Well, read the previous post and that will give you a hint, lol.  For me, I think it’s VERY important.  I think for most everyone, it is very important.  There are exceptions, of course; like those people who can sing or act so well that they will never need to do anything else.  Even for my husband – yes I think education would still help him and maybe get him some places he can’t right now but…having said that, he still makes more money now than I could even with a good education.  He makes more than a lot of highly educated people because he is a foreman roofer and can work long, very physical jobs.  In the crazy heat and freezing snow and ice.

But for the most part, I think that education is a must have.  And not just high school anymore, that just won’t get you very far.

Bazinga! (highly educated)

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