30 Day Blog Challenge Days 4 and 5

I SWEAR I hit ‘publish’ last night on my damned ‘day 4’ but the evil gremlins made it go to ‘draft’ sooo….here it is.  “Technically” – a day late.

Day 4

‘your views on religion’

short answer: I was raised Baptist and I believe in Heaven, Hell, God.  I pray.  I’ve been saved.  I do not agree with a lot of the religion’s interpretations of the Bible.  So, I am at a point in my life that I am torn regarding what I do with that.


Day 5

‘your comfort foods and why’

ahhh, a favorite subject of mine!  I have odd comfort foods…Edy’s All Natural Fruit popsicles, has to be grape.  Has to be exactly that brand, that type.  No substitutions.  And I can (and have) eat an entire box in a sitting…oh, and before I can eat one it has to sit in it’s wrapper for long enough to get just right to eat; not squishy – but not in that frozen state where your lip sticks to it.  Omg, that makes me crazy like styrofoam scraping!!

why?  I guess there’s an association with being a kid and when sick, my gramma would first wrap me up like an enchilada and then go right to the store for sprite, popsicles and chicken broth.   After she rubbed Vick’s all over me so that I went blind if I should try to open my eyes – because modern medicine is crap…Vick’s cures everything!  (the poor cat would run from her like she was a doberman after a pork chop, she believes Vick’s is also better than flea collars and just generally everything else)

mmm my fave



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