Feelin’ Blessed

gramma and ayden

A rare moment when Ayden stood still long enough for me to snag him up for a photo op.  This kid is amazing – he can literally play and beat an x-box game that is above his age level by…oh, 13 years or so.  He can navigate the internet to find, start and play Spiderman, etc… games.  The kid has a vocab out of this world…can you tell I’m a little proud?


And his little sis, Raya.  Or, as she prefers, Monkey.  2 years old and smart-er than a whip.  And temper? Oh boy…you don’t even want to know.  She and Ayden are fiercely loyal to each other – but when they are at odds, look out cause she takes exactly NO crap from him.  If there were awards for ‘best smile/laugh combo’ she would take them all.


And, our 19 year old (Ayden and Raya’s mama) Meg.  What can I say?  My best friend and daughter.  Smart, hilarious, fun, dependable.  She is an amazing writer and we click like friends, not like mother/daughter; but oddly, we also have a very strong mom/daughter relationship at the same time.  We can (and do) hold entire conversations made up entirely of movie/tv show quotes (drives the household NUTS) and will laugh til it causes pain at the dumbest of inside jokes.

Thanks for reading-I woke up today realizing how lucky I am…even with all of the not so great things I deal with – I can see that the good outweighs the crap.



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