And a few more blessings =)


Savannah -whirlwind of chatty, laughing, random no-filter-for-her-mouth-anything-can-come-out!, befriends everyone/everything she comes in contact with.  Too smart! Major animal lover…this kid couldn’t be held down by a net made of steel!

Ayden and Uncle Franklin at Cabela's

Franklin (the 3rd) started life out as a preemie (that happened to weigh 7 1/2 lbs. at his early birth) and as my 1st son, was my absolute pride and joy, Meg’s real live baby doll (and best friends to this day).  He’s not stopped growing for one second, I don’t think.  So intelligent he puts us all to shame.  Fisherman every single day after school (he’s at the Missouri River right now) and all summer long, Deer hunter in the late fall/winter.  He literally shadows Dad every minute he’s able. Too proud for words.


Tyler…ah, Ty…what can I say of Ty?  He’s MY “franklin” like Frank has franklin, I have My Ty.  We are so alike it’s odd.  He skateboards, bikes and basically has had stitches all over his face/head from one dare-devil move or another.  He’s always been strong and slender but the last year I swear he grew a foot if he grew an inch.  We have our secrets, inside jokes and I’ve never seen a more loving and caring son anywhere.  He loves and hates with absolute passion and once you get on his bad side, there really is no going back.

My Honey, Frank

My Honey, Frank

Frank…oh boy…work-a-holic.  triple time.  Devoted, intelligent, strong, loyal, reliable, hilarious and plain silly.  And seriously, once you cause him to lose faith in you one time..hang it up, game over, you’re out of the club.

Some people swear he is a machine, he could literally out work any one I have ever known.  He’s simply just an amazing person.

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