“30 Day Blog Challenge” (day 1)

Day 1:

Frank and I have been together since 1992, married since 1996.  People say it all the time but I honestly wouldn’t know what to do without him.  He’s complicated and TOUGH to love – but I do.

He is the strongest, most hard-working and clever person I’ve ever known.  He was diagnosed as having Diabetes 5 years ago – total pancreas shut down, no family history, no risk factors, he is healthy-works 7 days a week in a very physical job as a roofing foreman, drinks more water than humanly possible but, there it was.

Faced with the fact that Frank/Dad was human and therefore not immune to disease, the kids and I went through a period of shock (still feel that way most days).

I am proud of him and lucky he is mine.  That doesn’t mean that he is a picnic…and he knows it.  But if he were spineless and easy, I wouldn’t love him like I do.

We have one silly saying that we’ve had for many, many years.  On ‘Friends’, Ross told Rachel that she was his ‘lobster’ (they apparently mate for life)…so when one asks the other, “why do you love me?”

the answer is always, “because you’re my lobster.”

Frank and Missy

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3 thoughts on ““30 Day Blog Challenge” (day 1)

  1. I love the idea of a 30 day blog challange! I might have to borrow a few of the ideas. 🙂

    • absolutely! borrow away-that’s how i have it also, naturally as soon as i get it and get excited about it, i get a lovely case of the flu and cannot think of getting online-but…that’s how it goes! Thanks for visiting!! I will look for your challenge answers! = )

  2. Love this… I especially love the “lobster” thing. I’m a huge ‘Friends’ fan, but how sweet that you’ve made it your own. 🙂

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