Chinese Tale of the ‘Ring Finger’

Why wedding ring should be put on the fourth finger???.


this is very cool, thanks to for blogging it  = )

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2 thoughts on “Chinese Tale of the ‘Ring Finger’

  1. That’s so weird… i was looking this up today! here’s what i found…
    Apollo is called the “ring finger” for good reason. Its qualities are some of those which are best emphasized and which most benefit from the the wearing of a ring to emphasize those qualities. Apollo represents, above all, creativity. It is creativity in artistic expression, in craftsmanship, indeed creativity in every endeavor of life. Apollo is the cultivation of the love of beauty in all its forms but especially of the natural world. Apollo represents the “tree-hugger” in all of us. Apollo is that energy within each of us which gives rise to expression of self on every level It is supportive of all other energy and lends them grace, beauty and compassion.

    • That is really awesome! And how funny you were looking that up today! I love all of the different myths and ideas that come from the cultures. Very interesting stuff!

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